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Establishing, Expanding, and Contesting Freedoms

In his keynote at the National Staff Development Council, Dr. Mike Schmoker stated that the single factor having the largest impact on achievement and college readiness is “teacher effect.” An effective teacher needs both a depth of content knowledge and effective practices. Establishing, Expanding, and Contesting Freedoms will ensure that project teachers examine and improve their understanding of the relationship of historical events to vital themes in U.S. history and effective instructional practices to help students engage in American history and enable them to engage in historical writing – the search to reconstruct what went before, a quest illuminated by ever-changing prisms that continually place old questions in a new light.


What Participants Are Saying…

The amount of Information I have learned is tremendous. Being able to go visit local sites and especially D.C. has helped me bring a new dynamic to my classroom. I've also gained a great understanding of higher level course work and the demands of it. My favorite aspects have been the sites we've been too and getting to know and work with other local teachers.