Bill of Rights Lesson

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Bill of Rights Lesson 2010-04-09
Time Frame  DOK
Objective Short Description
1. The learners will be introduced to the Bill of Rights and develop a clearer understanding of each amendment through the analysis and creation of a brief skit.
2. The learners will be able to empathize with the framers of the United States Constitution by reading Shhh! We’re Writing the Constitution by Jean Fritz.
This lesson will serve as an introduction to the Bill of Rights for students to develop a clearer understanding of each amendment through analysis.
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Lesson Plan
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  1. Objective One will be assessed through the creation of a written skit to be performed for class.
  2. Objective Two will be assessed through the information contained in individual Reader’s Workshop Journals. This information will include vocabulary, student reflective responses and class discussion reactions.

IMPLEMENTATION-THREE 50 minute class period


50 Minutes: I will recall from the previous lesson the section of the Constitution concerning the Bill of Rights. The students will be randomly paired up (some groups will have three) and study to become an expert on their assigned Amendment. Each pairing of students will receive a copy of information concerning one of the first 10 amendments to the Constitution. In their partnership, they will read through the ideals expressed in the bill and identify the main freedom(s) it protects. The next task will be for the group to create and write a two-three minute skit that demonstrates their understanding of the right protected by the amendment.
( This site will be used as the resource for the Bill of Rights. ( This is a secondary site for students who may need the Bill of Rights stated in simpler terms and vocabulary.


10 minutes: The students will have the first ten minutes of class to rehearse their skits before the presentations to the class begin.

30 minutes: Skits will be presented and discussion will follow to enrich learning of each amendment.

10 minutes: I will teach a Bill of Rights song to the students. (follows the melody of the 12 Days of Christmas Carole). We will add hand motions and actions as we sing along. This will be performed at the beginning of each class for the next week.


5 minutes: Sing the Bill of Rights song

30 minutes: Students will take a Bill of Rights Quiz.

15 minutes: Students will use active listening skills as the teacher finishes Jean Fritz’s Shhh! We’re Writing the Constitution. As they are listening, students will complete an entry in their Reader’s Workshop Journal using the attached template. Reader’s Workshop Journals will be collected as students exit the classroom, and then graded according to the criteria mentioned in the first lesson.

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